Atiya Jones

Radiant Hall Lawrenceville
4514 Plummer Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

I create abstract organic accumulations to represent the modern diaspora known as gentrification. As a witness to the socio-economic and demographic shifts of neighborhoods, my work questions how populations reconnect, rebuild, and are reflected within their communities. As a woman of color, I define my work as an act of defiance, empowerment, and visibility. The 2020 ORIGINS Residency will allow me to dedicate more time to my art and other creative endeavors. I am experiencing an increased demand for my artwork and design vision, and look forward to pursing opportunities to strengthen my creative business. Click here to learn more about Atiya and TWELVE\TWENTY STUDIO.

Blakbird Jewelry

Selima Dawson

Radiant Hall Susquehanna
7800 Susquehanna Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Through Blakbird Jewelry, I create thoughtfully designed, hand-cut metal jewelry. While studying Fine Arts and Painting at the Pratt Institute, I began experimenting with brass tooling foil. The metal scraps from that became my first piece of jewelry. The first piece started Blakbird Jewelry. In my designs, I convey something personal and accessible. Using a variety of manual tools like metal shears, hammers, and files, I add character to materials. As a participant in the 2020 ORIGINS Residency, I plan to increase my market presence both locally and nationally. I will explore production methods that are more cost effective while still delivering my unique aesthetic. Click here to learn more about Selima and Blakbird Jewelry.

Black Brew Culture

Mike Potter

Unit 406
7800 Susquehanna Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

In 2015, we started Black Brew Culture as an experiment in the basement of a print shop in the Homestead neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Our original intention was to learn how to brew and create what we felt was a much needed addition to the craft beer industry in the United States, a black-owned brewery. We also created Black Brew Culture to ensure that emerging and established black-owned breweries had access to the essential elements of marketing success, and were empowered to reach a wide and growing audience of craft beer consumers. During our 2020 ORIGINS Residency we plan on expanding our design and printing capabilities to serve more black entrepreneurs, and a range of other dynamic clients.