R2G Residency Information and Benefits:

  • A one-year lease/agreement for production/retail space
  • Production space rent will be FREE for the first 6 months of the R2G Residency (3 months for WFB)
  • Production space rent will be 50% for the next 3 months of the R2G Residency
  • Production space rent will be 100% for the final 3 months of the R2G Residency (6 months for WFB)
  • All Residency participants can meet clients and conduct business at the Sarah B. Campbell Enterprise Center, located at 7800 Susquehanna
  • R2G Residency may include a CBA grant and/or micro loans to assist with space build out and other associated costs

R2G Resident Requirements:

  • Participate in the ORIGINS and PG&H platforms, including narrative information and scheduling time with the PG&H photographer (participants receive these images for personal and business use) and accept participation in CBA and program marketing
  • Complete pre and post R2G Residency assessment tools, including the Creative Business Ladder (CBL) survey and interview assessments.
  • Work to grow their business in any meaningful way by accessing new markets, product development, peer collaborations, and/or other relevant opportunities
  • Work with the CBA to develop a plan for their post-residency space needs once the year term has ended

How To Apply:

  • R2G Applications are currently closed. Applications for the 2022/2023 R2G program open in October 2022
  • Applications will be reviewed by members of the ORIGINS Advisory Committee

2021/2022 R2G Residency Participants

Rebel Bred Clothing

Nathon Brooks

Nathan Brooks launched clothing label Rebel Bred in 2017 to educate, uplift, and empower. Rebel Bred offers locally silkscreened and embroidered hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts, dresses, masks, accessories, and more. Thought provoking designs on a rotating series of seasonal items feature African-American cultural heroes – like Harriet Tubman and Malcolm X – as well as the brand’s signature soaring eagle, often with a Pittsburgh theme. R2G provided the opportunity for Nathon to open his first studio storefront location at 608 South Ave. in Wilkinsburg, PA.

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Island Fresh Skincare

Marilyn Dice

Island Fresh Skincare developed from Marilyn’s travels to tropical locations. Her products are made with simple, raw, organic elements such as cocoa, mango, shea butter, and kukui oil. As a participant in the 2022 R2G, Marilyn is moving from her home studio into Unit 406, a light industrial space located at 7800 Susquehanna St. Over the next year, Marilyn plans to increase her market presence both locally and nationally as well as plan for a more permanent manufacturing space.

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Sha’Lari Couture

Shannon Richardson

Pittsburgh-based fashion designer and entrepreneur Shannon Richardson launched Sha’ Lari Couture in 2017. Sha’Lari is a rotating series of fashionable leather handbags and accessories, which are all hand cut, sewn, and assembled in her studio. With a range of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes each piece is completely unique, sometimes featuring rough leather edges and stylish hardware for added character. During R2G, Shannon is growing from her home studio into her first leased space, located in the McKees Rocks Radiant Hall location. Shannon is focused on expanding her designs and production capabilities to grow her brand visibility and sales for 2022.

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2020/2021 R2G Residency Participants


Atiya Jones

Atiya produces abstract organic accumulations to represent the modern diaspora known as gentrification. As a witness to the socio-economic and demographic shifts of neighborhoods, each work questions how populations reconnect, rebuild, and are reflected within their communities. R2G allowed Atiya to devote more time to her creative practice and capitalize on increased demand.

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Blakbird Jewelry

Selima Dawson

Using a variety of manual tools like metal shears, hammers, and files, Selima creates thoughtfully designed, hand-cut metal jewelry. Each piece conveys something personal and accessible with unique character. As a participant in the 2020 R2G, Selima worked to increase market presence both locally and nationally as well as explore more cost effective production methods.

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Black Brew Culture

Mike Potter

Founded in 2015, Black Brew Culture works to ensure that emerging and established black-owned breweries have access to essential marketing elements and are empowered to reach new audiences. During R2G, Black Brew Cultured focused on expanding design and printing capabilities to serve more black entrepreneurs and other clients.

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