Celebrating and supporting Black artists, makers, designers, and craftspeople working in western Pennsylvania and beyond,

ORIGINS Network Survey (Currently Closed)

Your Insight is Important

As we continue to evolve, ORIGINS will seek ways to deepen its support of Black makers, designers, artists, and craftspeople starting and sustaining creative businesses in western Pennsylvania and beyond. To better understand how ORIGINS can grow intentionally and improve offerings, we will continue to collect member feedback and input.  The next ORIGINS Network Survey will be open and posted here later this year.  The input and feedback of our members is essential, as it guides the evolution of our network and allows for intentional impact.

ORIGINS Business Tune-UP

Targeted and specific one-on-one assistance for ORIGINS entrepreneurs

The ORIGINS Creative Business Tune-Up will help you get your creative business ready for the next level. Passionate entrepreneurs are used to bootstrapping their businesses and creating the basic tools they need to sell products and services. But in order to grow, business owners often need specialized support from experts. This Tune-Up enables participants to work one-on-one with consultant specialists in the areas below. It also helps business owners build a CEO mentality where they work with teams to realize sustainable business success.

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