In a shared effort to tackle these barriers and provide equitable access to opportunities, Crafting the Future and ORIGINS collaborated to provide the Deep Craft Scholarship (Deep Craft) for Black creatives from the region.

Deep Craft will cover all costs associated with attending a workshop at one of the residential craft schools listed in the CTF network. For the scholarship recipients, Deep Craft will (1) enhance and expand their craft practice (2) enable them to connect and network with new peers, and (3) improve their understanding of professional development and/or business growth opportunities in the national and contemporary craft landscape.

In order to be eligible for Deep Craft, participants must (1) be a current participant in ORIGINS, (2) possess one year of business and/or product development, (3) operate in western Pennsylvania or northern West Virginia, (4) complete pre- and post-residency surveys, and (5) provide a short presentation on their residency experience to the ORIGINS Cohort

2021 Deep Craft Scholars

Emmanuelle Wambach

Emmanuelle Ceramics

Emmanuelle will take the “Press Molds & Terra Sigillata” workshop at Touchstone Center for Crafts (Farmington, PA) with instructor Mark Arnold

Nisha Blackwell


Nisha will take the “Block Carving & Printing on Fabric” workshop at workshop at Peter Valley School of Craft (Layton, NJ) with instructor Jeanne Brady

Baiyinah Brookins

The Woven Kente

Baiyinah will take the “Traditional Yoruba Batik, Adire Eleko & Tie-dye with Indigo” workshop at Peter Valley School of Craft (Layton, NJ) with instructor Gasali Adeyemo