In a shared effort to tackle these barriers and provide equitable access to opportunities, Crafting the Future and ORIGINS collaborated to provide the Deep Craft Scholarship (Deep Craft) for ORIGINS creatives from the region.

Deep Craft will cover all costs associated with attending a workshop at Touchstone Center for Crafts. For the scholarship recipients, Deep Craft will (1) enhance and expand their craft practice (2) enable them to connect and network with new peers, and (3) improve their understanding of professional development and/or business growth opportunities in the national and contemporary craft landscape.

In order to be eligible for Deep Craft, participants must (1) be a current participant in ORIGINS, (2) possess one year of business and/or product development, (3) operate in western Pennsylvania or northern West Virginia, (4) complete pre- and post-residency surveys, and (5) provide a short presentation on their residency experience to the ORIGINS Cohort.

The Deep Craft program is sponsoring 4 ORIGINS students to explore an immersive workshop
education at a renowned craft institution- the Touchstone Center for Crafts. To support a comfortable learning environment for Deep Craft participants, Crafting the Future and ORIGINS works to ensure the following:
● Scholarship recipients are encouraged to attend Touchstone in pairs or groupings of 4 in order to provide peer support.
● A liaison has been identified as a reliable on-campus support who is prepared to hold space for students during their program and ensure they are able to settle comfortably on campus
● Provide a stipend for travel and materials

Applications for Deep Craft Scholarships are open from Monday, February 7 – Monday, February 14, 2022


2021 Deep Craft Scholars

Emmanuelle Wambach

Emmanuelle Ceramics

Emmanuelle participated in the “Press Molds & Terra Sigillata” workshop at Touchstone Center for Crafts (Farmington, PA) with instructor Mark Arnold.

The workshop was unique because it showed how to use molds in combination with hand building in the wheel to create new forms. I had a wonderful time and actually made several molds that I was able to bring home.

Mark answered any questions we had and talked about other parts of his practice including website help. It was intense but really fun and I have so many new ideas for new products, shapes ,and lines that I think will really uplift my work. I also think it will lead to a lot more interest in my work from my present audience, and help with diversifying my audience. I’m so glad I got to attend!

Nisha Blackwell


Nisha participated in the “Block Carving & Printing on Fabric” workshop at Peter Valley School of Craft (Layton, NJ) with instructor Jeanne Brady.

I was drawn to this class as an ongoing mission to elevate and enhance the reclaimed textiles that we source and use in Knotzland while also exploring the process of developing my own unique designs and techniques. Inspired to first try a print atop reclaimed fabric for the ORIGINS show at Concept Gallery, this opportunity allowed me to explore printmaking on fabric and ultimately set up a small printmaking space in my studio.

I am grateful to have had the chance to travel to Peters Valley to nurture further and explore this side of my work. Also extremely happy to have met lasting connections with a community of like-minded craft professionals.