• In-depth assessment of business strength and weaknesses
  • 6 months of goal-driven business support
  • 24 hours of one-on-one assistance
  • 6 hours of peer-group support
  • Understanding of regional opportunities and resources
  • 3 hours mentorship with industry specific expert
  • $500 honorarium for growth opportunity or business infrastructure


  • Identifies as a Black artist, maker, designer, craftsperson, and/or small-batch manufacturer
  • Is or aspires to be full-time business owner
    ≥ 1 years of business operations
  • Participating or willing to participate in Creative Business Accelerator and ORIGINS
  • Currently engaged in other forms of technical assistance or business support
  • Interested in pursuing meaningful business opportunities like tradeshows participation, e-commerce development, or increasing production

Application Timeline:

  • More details on applications coming in Fall 2021

"Invaluable to have a set time to talk about my business. It kept me accountable for finishing and working on things I may put off. No topic was too small or unimportant."

Emmanuelle Wambach Emmanuelle Ceramics

A Winning Team

The six-month program was led by Nisha Blackwell, owner of Knotzland Bowtie Co. and nationally renowned creative entrepreneur. Nisha worked intensively with business coaching participants to craft, pursue, and realize pathways that get them closer to creative fulfillment, financial resilience, and social impact. Besides sharing insights from her own creative business success, Nisha leveraged her connections and those of Bridgeway Capital’s Creative Business Accelerator to open more doors and unlock more resources for business coaching participants.


  • Month 1 to 2
    • Pre-coaching business assessment
    • Pathway establishment session
    • 8 hours coaching
    • 2 hours peer learning
  • Month 3 to 4
    • Progress check in session
    • 8 hours coaching
    • 2 hours peer learning
  • Month 5 to 6
    • Post-coaching business assessment
    • Pathway review session
    • 8 hours coaching
    • 2 hours peer learning

"Nisha shines as an accountability partner. Her down to Earth approach to problem solving is inspiring. Being apart of a greater group of Black creatives has been so valuable to how I view my business."

L. Denise Edwards Triple Moon Alchemy

2020/2021 ORIGINS Business Coaching Participants


Tereneh Idia

TripleAAAnimals is a line of apparel and accessories celebrating the wild animals of Allegheny County which are often taken for granted. As a new product line and brand created in 2020, Tereneh wanted guidance on a number of topics including production, marketing, social media, and distribution. Business coaching served as an invaluable resource creating a strong foundation and concrete steps to grow TripleAAAnimals.

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Triple Moon Alchemy

L. Denise Edwards

Inspired by several woman healers in her family, L. Denise Edwards creates a variety of organic herbal healing products ranging from teas to body care. Denise focused her business coaching experience on business systems and processes, brand identity and voice, sales, and markets. The experience provided new strategies, tasks, and ideas each week with the guidance of a professional coach propelling the business to the next stage of development.

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Rebel Bred Clothing

Nathan Brooks

Rebel Bred clothing is a lifestyle brand rooted in strong values that highlights historical African American figures. Nathan uses the brand as an avenue to educate, uplift, and inspire while celebrating African American culture. With the goal of scaling the business, business coaching focused on growing production and space resources. Ultimately, Nathan built a strong foundation with tangible next steps to expand quickly as demand grows.

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Emmanuelle Ceramics

Emmanuelle Wambach

Emmanuelle Wambach creates handmade functional ceramic dinnerware and homewares using hand-built and wheel-thrown ceramic techniques. Emmauelle’s goals for business coaching included an improved digital footprint and website, brand messaging, market identification, and financial planning. Business coaching enabled Emmanuelle to remain accountable and provided the tools to construct a robust business plan.

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Naptural Beauty Supply

Lasheshia Holiday

Naptural Beauty Supply specializes in luxurious and effective hair, body, and self-care products that are all-natural, handmade, and vegan friendly with a focus on educating individuals about the care and styling of Black hair. Lashesia used business coaching to help pursue a trademark, rebrand, and seek out warehouse space. At the end of business coaching, Lashesia was able to secure funding to pay for trademarking as well as find warehouse space.

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