• In-depth assessment of business strength and weaknesses
  • 6 months of goal-driven business support
  • 24 hours of one-on-one assistance
  • 6 hours of peer-group support
  • Understanding of regional opportunities and resources
  • 3 hours mentorship with industry specific expert
  • $500 honorarium for growth opportunity or business infrastructure


  • Identifies as a Black artist, maker, designer, craftsperson, and/or small-batch manufacturer
  • Is or aspires to be full-time business owner
    ≥ 1 years of business operations
  • Participating or willing to participate in Creative Business Accelerator and ORIGINS
  • Currently engaged in other forms of technical assistance or business support
  • Interested in pursuing meaningful business opportunities like tradeshows participation, e-commerce development, or increasing production

Application Timeline:

  • October 1: Application Open
  • October 6: Application Close
  • October 7: Notice of Acceptance to the Program
  • October 10: Participant Orientation

Apply Now

A Winning Team

The six-month program will be led by Nisha Blackwell, owner of Knotzland Bowtie Co. and nationally renowned creative entrepreneur. Nisha will work intensively with business coaching participants to craft, pursue, and realize pathways that get them closer to creative fulfillment, financial resilience, and social impact. Besides sharing insights from her own creative business success, Nisha will leverage her connections and those of Bridgeway Capital’s Creative Business Accelerator to open more doors and unlock more resources for business coaching participants.


  • Completed program application
  • Completed business assessment survey (pre and post)
  • Co-signed pathway plan and participation agreement
  • Participating in 90% of one-on-one and peer-group sessions
  • Business profile on ORIGINS and PG&H
  • Active engagement with ORIGINS programming
  • Active communication with ORIGINS team
  • Currently engaged in other business support programs
  • Currently pursuing a transformative business opportunity


  • Month 1 to 2
    • Pre-coaching business assessment
    • Pathway establishment session
    • 8 hours coaching
    • 2 hours peer learning
  • Month 3 to 4
    • Progress check in session
    • 8 hours coaching
    • 2 hours peer learning
  • Month 5 to 6
    • Post-coaching business assessment
    • Pathway review session
    • 8 hours coaching
    • 2 hours peer learning