The ORIGINS Creative Business Tune-Up will help you get your creative business ready for the next level. Passionate entrepreneurs often bootstrap their businesses to life and create the basic tools they need to sell products and services. But to grow steadily and sustainably, business owners often need specialized support from experts. The ORIGINS Creative Business Tune-Up enables participants to work one-on-one with consultant specialists in the areas below. It also helps business owners build a CEO mentality where they work with teams to realize sustainable business success.

Business Support Includes:

  • Business Planning: Do you have guiding documents to shape your business decisions over the next year and beyond? How do you know how to pursue or decline new opportunities?
  • Financial Management: Is your bookkeeping organized? Are you looking for important trends in your financial statements? Are you using general best practices for tax preparation?
  • Credit Counseling: Can your credit worthiness be improved to better prepare you for future investments?
  • Legal Assistance: Are you the right type of business entity for your growth? Do you have the contracts in place to protect yourself and your customers?
  • Human Resources: Do you know how to build a team with employees and/or contractors to grow your business?
  • IT Training: From inventory spreadsheets to presentations slides, do you know how to use the hardware and software tools to run your business?
  • Branding and Marketing Assistance: Do you possess the tools, like brand style guides, logo designs, and digital marketing strategies, to tell your story consistently and professionally?
  • Website development: Are you using the best website platform to meet your online sales and audience engagement goals?
  • Photography: Is your product and style photography professional, beautiful, and do they inspire online sales and customer engagement?  


After completing or retaking the Creative Business Ladder assessment survey, Tune-Up participants will be connected to local or regional experts to execute a range of projects in order to take their operations (and profitability) to higher levels.

To get started, click the button below to contact Katie Johnson, Associate Director of Bridgeway’s Creative Business Accelerator, to take the CBL survey and connect with a business assistance consultant.


Eligibility + Requirements

  • A current ORIGINS participant
  • Located in western Pennsylvania
  • Complete pre- and post- Creative Business Ladder surveys