Key Details:

  • This opportunity is open to ORIGINS Cohort members and BIPOC entrepreneurs in the Pittsburgh area
  • Priority is given to active ORIGINS Cohort members who express an interest in developing a leadership role
  • Estimated time commitment is 3 – 4 hours a month
  • Monthly stipend of $150

Meeting Preparation:

  • Researching current and upcoming opportunities to share with the cohort, including grants, residencies, market opportunities, and more
    • CBA team members and other ORIGINS participants can pass along things to share, and the Cohort Leader may identify items as well
  • Collecting opportunities and resources into a list to share with the cohort via email monthly.
  • Send two cohort wide emails per month
    • A request for opportunities or things to share out at the monthly meeting
    • An invitation/reminder email with the meeting topics listed and Zoom link
  • Develop a meeting agenda based on the information collected that month, or any special topics that Cohort members or the Cohort leader would like to unpack in a group setting.
  • Attend one ORIGINS team meeting a month

During the Meeting:

  • Create a welcoming environment that allows space for a variety of perspectives
  • Introduce new members
  • Highlight priority, time-sensitive opportunities sent out via invitation email
  • Note taking for reporting and follow up to any questions from the cohort during the monthly meeting

Candidate Inquiries:

  • To inquire about this opportunity and learn more please email Katie Johnson. See Below.

Inquire Here